I Know People Care, but Not Really

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In the end, the end did not stop. That was always part of the problem with most things, and the true reason why J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings was so very long and needed additional details or so thought the creator, as is true for any artist who is indeed most passionate about what they are wanting to breathe into a solid existence, and that is what Tolkien did. Accomplished in his work, I am not.

I should have realized I should have never tried to reach out for people. I was scared and now the bridges are burnt, burning, and cinders. Royally terrified and terrorized beyond what I’d ever experienced, I almost don’t even care, except I still kind of do.

What happened to me is being detailed in a memoir manuscript currently being written. I’m writing it, and I’m sharing bits and pieces on a different blog under a different blogger name. It’s not that hard to find out who I am and I’m not really hiding from the government, and I’ve said it more than once. They know where I am, and I know they get to hear every last bit of my entire life and world. I mean, when I am in a fight with my roommate, the government knows what we were arguing about. These arguments can be tailored using mass spying capabilities.

That’s the book. Government is essentially dating everyone and then tailoring your relationships to match your newsletter feeds, and this is something that people have been documenting and saying is possible for a number of years now.

So, I have got to go and get back to writing somewhere else about this mass spying. This is just one wall of many places I write and, I’m not sure it really matters any more, well, maybe it will one day in the future. But I’m not messing around when I say, I’m writing a book about mass spying and its massive, and I’m not sure what name I’m going to eventually publish it under. The problem is I might not even survive.

The book details pedophiles, war lords, Hollywood, the military, the NSA, Disney, Google, forums across the Internet, festivals, and even how the ER hospitals are being utilized and medics are being lied to about who some people are — I’m talking about federal governments fabricating false information on dossiers–

Oh. I do have to get going. Thanks for stopping by.. who knows when I’ll be back