BEST REASON to Legalize Drugs

Give police LESS reason to fuck around with citizens. Police State hasn’t happened everywhere yet, but the greater the population, the larger the demand of police officers.



The majority of our police force are corrupt beyond measure. They make an effort to choose people with a certain level of IQ. If you’re IQ is too high, they will not let you be a police officer. I’m not saying that all police officers are dumb, but they do have a preconceived image of who they should be or how severe they should act. It seems that when a police officer puts on his uniform, he is more or less declaring war on citizens.

The problem the comes out of policing in this fashion is that not only are they police officers, but they’re also human beings — making mistakes, political views, personal goals, emotional dramas and traumas. But now this human being has a gun, and gets to see a lot of blood and interact with displaced citizens, drunk drivers, and the mentally ill. So I do have an oz. of respect for the officers out there trying to keep people from hurting others, but the excessive force should stop being part of the contract. People who want to protest don’t want to hurt you, they just want you to fork over your power. You don’t get it anymore. It’s  ours and we can take it back.


You betcha!

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