Edward Snowden Interview #2 (released)


Link to interview #2 w/ Edward Snowden

[Asked whether he had sought a careër in the intelligence community specifically to become a mole and reveal secrets, Snowden, 30, said he had joined government service very young, first enlisting in the US army immediately after the invasion of Iraq out of a belief in “the goodness of what we were doing. I believed in the nobility of our intentions to free oppressed people overseas.”

But his views shifted over the length of his career as he watched the news, which he saw as propaganda, not truth. “We were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all the publics, not just the American public, in order to create certain mindset in the global consciousness and I was actually a victim of that.”] — the guardian

Democracy Now

Amy Goodman

Media heroes

it’s legit news, straight from the ground,

diverting from the stream.

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