Know your enemy… because they know you, and they think they know how to control you. Your future freedom of speech as a blogger and activist depends on how the majority of Americans react.
Everyday, the secrets persist. For me as an individual, the Occupy Movement will forever continue. For the moment I’m calling it “Occupy NSA.” Let’s occupy the NSA. I want to see them sweat.
Now that everyone knows the government is a lie, let’s vote for the next alternative. Let’s show them how terrible we think the two party system is. They tell us that voting is important. We know the process of voting is difficult to individuals (they make it that way). So, lets vote for an alternative. Learn more about Third Parties NOW, so that you are informed in 2016.
I vote for the Green Party, and one day I will tell you why. But if we DON’T start voting for an alternative, we will NEVER see the change we want. Have we learned yet that Democrats can be bought? Don’t get me started on Republicans. They are both not good enough, because they can be bought.
Let’s vote for someone who can’t be bought. Keep your eyes and ears open for suitable alternative. It is our ONLY hope for a functional government, working for the people, not the corporation.

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