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Las Vegas Shooting Is Not A Hoax (Old Recent News Revisited)


Bullies online need to be questioned. Just like a typewriter, comments made online can easily be tracked using all of National Security Agencies espionage mass spying capabilities. I’m not a hacker, so that’s not something I can do, but I thought the NSA was being paid to find abusers, terrorists, and extreme bullies. They don’t, but they could.

Instead, we’ve found out through not only Edward Snowden’s revelations, but many other NSA whistleblowers, that the NSA is sometimes more interested in sex than anything else. That and torturing private citizens who know too many secrets. Guess that’s why Snowden ran away and was as sneaky as he was.

These bullies.

Is anyone paying private citizens to torture victims or is it taxes funding ‘shills’ to bully survivors? Below is a link to an article about a couple who survived only to come home to death threats on the Internet, because some private citizens are claiming the LV Shooting a hoax (“fake news”), which it was not.

Las Vegas shooting victim slammed with death threats: ‘I hope someone truly shoots you’

The narrative soon becomes a philosophical down spiral of, “where does opinion and freedom of speech on the Internet draw the line?” How dangerous is social media and how many of those accounts are funded by private or federally funded sources?:

Cyber stalking (as defined by UK law)

Where and how do we draw a line on what is legal when it comes to online bullying and what is punishable if proven guilty of psychological damage to victims of true traumatic experiences, such as the LV Shooting in which the question is not if it happened, but how many more shooters were on the ground [on rooftops] and why is the media not talking about the extra gunmen survivors are reporting they heard?

Also, that same night, several “unrelated” shoot-outs were simultaneously occurring– but hotel owners and locals were told to keep their mouths shut, because they didn’t want the extra shootings in the national spotlight along with Jesus Campos and the shooter, Paddock. — I have family who live and work in Vegas and locals and businesses don’t want the world to see their city as a dangerous place. It’s terrible for business–

True considerate theorists (public investigators) aren’t speculating the reality that people died, people really died, it’s just the shooting was (most likely) orchestrated [coordinated] by a group of rich people, but who? We private citizens are wondering why the FBI erased witnesses phone and laptop data, further why witnesses who are reporting more than one gunman are being either shot or dying in their beds. [Kym Suchomel & Orville Almon Jr.]

FBI Returns Phones To Vegas Eyewitnesses, Owners Immediately Notice What’s Missing

Another Vegas Shooting Eyewitness Murdered – Found Dead in Abandoned House

Kym Suchomel’s death is suspicious as her report went against what the media was saying. Suchomel was wanting to collect witnesses to campaign against what she saw as pure lie of medias refusal to mention the other gunman she and others have claimed were present.

Suchomel, even though she had a medical history of seizures and was suffering PTSD from the shooting, her death is being suspected [by me & others, but not her immediate family who I further suspect may have been offered banknotes in exchange for possible silence, denial, and no investigation searches] as strange and possibly a covert form of murder that is not spoken of in the media, for obvious reasons, I’m referring to a weapon that causes seizures, can cause a person to crumple [fall over], and cause what appears to be a heart attack [seizure, health related; doctors promoting:

Anti-pharma lifestyles are not safe and sometimes have been dying 6,6,6

The people responsible are playing bloody house of Dexter with the entire world (took over Hollywood [Disney, etc.] & then Hollywood took over the U.S. DoD [and all the rest]. Just an idea.

Everyone in power is owned by a scary weapon that is the ultimate get-away —

The Government’s Heart Attack Gun

Before we go on: don’t trust Q all the way (aka a Pied Piper); it’s exciting how this Q group from 4Chan has garnered attention, but a wolf in sheep’s finery (if you ask me) and “Q” will probably be filled with a punch pack of lies to really kill the human spirit (November 11th, 2018) and open-minded people who have been trying to take back the story of history and who keeps killing all the f*cking peaceful people digging for the f*cking truth–

Sorry — I don’t cuss often, I’m cool with religion, only when I’m wanting to talk about bloody murder, I get as angry as Bill O’Reilly’s great grandmother having a hot flash in a fish factory — purple face to fit my purple prose —

Targeted Individual Kathleen Watterson Wins Electronic Harassment Court Case

The weapons I will be continuing to report on in further blog posts (maybe) will reveal a tool belt of espionage assassination weapons known, authorized, and utilized by U.S. military and secret alphabet authorities, or read Shadow Government by Grant R. Jeffery, I highly recommended despite it’s Biblical references to only Christianity, but the author is a pastor, but he did his research:

Shadow Government by Grant R. Jeffery

Heck, I’m not afraid to claim these high-tech weapons are (most likely) being used by the CIA, the FBI, and possibly private contractor companies [mogul titans]’s elite disenfranchised lackeys– I simply call them (they) “it” this elite gang, others call it a “Cabal.” The problem is how many are calling the missile shots–

Cabal Dresses Lightworkers Calls For A “Resistance”

Beware the one who wants you to go without question, away from your old friends and family, don’t go, no matter what they’re promising. It not stranger danger, there’s a real a mafia on the loose, but it’s okay, they’ve been playing games with celebrities too, a lot of bought and lied to well meaning acronyms, and they’re “buddies” bosses with the U.S secret agencies and when blackmail is rampant, there’s nothing anyone can do but jump when the blackmailed boss says jump the lackeys jump or die.

However, these speculations about the acronym police are speculation of a pseudonym blogger. Anyone wants to label me, I’ll be wearing a shirt that says: Blogger (Party) On– and the back says, but now I write books and blog. Should I put the target on the blog, the front, or the back?

Gaga Wore A Dress of Meat; She Dances In The Meat Market, This Is All Political

I suspect fowl play in not only Kym Suchomel and Orville Almon Jr.’s death, but I believe the bullies tormenting survivors may not be anything but people paid to bully. Claims I certainly can’t prove on my own, but I’m not bullying anyone. I’d like to keep these types of things from happening… I know how this girl feels and was lucky to not be a teen when the near life-death “bullying” I am detailing in my book–

Back To The Shooting — As Kym Reported The Scene

Kym Suchomel’s Facebook social media report detailed that about 15 seconds before the gunshots began fireworks were set off.

Suchomel said the crowd first thought the gunshots were the fireworks, but then everyone began to realize it was more than just fireworks. The survivor and her friends also reported that before the firecrackers a Hispanic woman was warning concert goers that they were going to die. The Hispanic woman warning others grabbed another woman and shook her repeating again, “You’re all going to die!” before cops escorted the woman away, and then minutes passed before the slow and then fast bullet fire from the golden hotel above the country show.

What’s important here, is that the ones bullying the survivors of this real shooting need to be speculated as possibly hired by mogul media groups trying to steer and weave the narrative that “conspiracy theorists” are a bunch of cold-hearted bully bastards, which is a label. A sinister label. A label of a bully.

A group of people with a lot of money are attempting to worsen the vocabulary and persona associated with the word “conspiracy.”

JFK Papers coming out soon, but what about the truth? With years of speculations portrayed as facts up the wazoo, the truth, experts say might never come out.

Shills need to be made unconstitutional and illegal.

Oh, just my opinion. I want the Internet to have only people and not paid people with paid opinions, unless they’re writing information to sell legitimate products and services (plumbing, dentists, dog shampoo). I want real customers and real reviews. I want investigators with real questions. Not investigators who investigate paid investigations of only threatened and paid people.

Conspiracy is a word used before the manufacturing of aluminum.

Conspiracy is not a label to be laughed at. Conspiracy is collusion and both implies muddy murder and power plays.

A Joke Mission For The New Head Of NSA– (Hey New Fuzzy Puppet, Buh-bye Rogers) This blog is not a joke and my opinions take years to extrapolate why the name behind the blogger is so damn mad, glad, and sad all at one in numb peace–

These poor shooting victims, the National Security Agency could easily… turn their eyes away from the porn, their ex-girlfriend, the peaceful activists, the journalists, the whistle blowers, the poets; they’re [who’re?] paid to masturbate to (blackmail sex sells, on a forum writing poems), and track down the crappy people saying the LV Shooting didn’t happen.

What Happened? I think the author SEO’ed the paragraph for hoots and hollers…

I can’t believe anyone would spend time creating a meme to torture another besides a teenager, a Satanist, or Hollywood …maybe, it’s still speculation, but NSA’s hands are tied and their mouths gagged. Wonder if that’s the way they like it?

Boom. Is This Mic. On?

Speculation: who the hell is allowing bullies to type to victims of the LV Shooting “I hope you really do die.” Oh.My. That would be freedom of speech? Yes, but bullying is freedom?

Well. It’s not illegal. Or.. Yes. It is illegal.

But, we have government agents and private contractors being paid to remain online commenting and “searching” for what exactly? The day in the life of an NSA agent is illegal to share. But James Bamford got a door peak inside, here’s a link to the wiki about A Body of Secrets ( perhaps this is the full text: PDF)

Report: Hotel owner MGM pressured Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos to only appear on “Ellen”

Writer In Hiding Blogged Down The Hole

Blogger’s Bloogers. I don’t make up lies, I just sometimes don’t get the fact straight. Here’s a promise with a confession: I use to copy paste activist articles I liked, but sometimes, I was so busy, I didn’t even finish the article long enough to research the topic and write my own, and the promise is: no more copy pasting activist articles, as it is about as terrible as the Copypasta monster, and I found some of those positive articles throw in their own positive lies dressed as facts — Experience and eye witnesses are all that is left and investigative reporting is dead dead dying and the Copypasta monster took over all the lipstick powered talking media heads–

I think I know Why O’Reilly Yells So Much… Maybe…? Paid To Lie? Just An Idea
Actually, I’ve been blogging since 1998, somewhere out there in the dark net lives a panda, penguin, and a fish, in the land of nihilism, lost forever, just like America will be if this narrative doesn’t get fixed.

LV Shooting happened, but the local police and FBI erased peoples cell phones and data. I already showed you that link– Don’t forget to screenshot your bully for evidence, some ‘bullies’ are getting fed data content from personal conversations and can be re-used by companies and private contractors who purchase collected data you sign off on by using any and every app, straight down to your cellphone being used as a microphone.

*(Today, FBI don’t need to wire a house to spy on “terrorists” like Martin Luther King Jr… Silly U.S. citizens have handed over all privacy to the ones assassinating and harassing all the activists that are aiming for citizens equality, basic justice, and peace.)

Now victims of several different shooting have been getting bullied online, but by WHO? And why isn’t mass spying able to track down these bullies with a warrant? I ask, but I suspect and will never claim “I know.” Usually the answer is it’s always “the richest people on the planet.”

My belief is that the bullies in question are actually those shills who are being paid by either some private company, or the government themselves.

Something about crowd on demand, even online. Those are shills. It’s a business to keep lying, but the lying pays the bills of many disenfranchised. It’s sad beyond belief what the bullies write online, and they may or may not realize that it does actually kill people and mess with lives beyond believable, so much in fact that if I were to continue onward, with everything I had to say, it could cause civil wars, global wars, and blogger reader fatigue, which is why a book is what I write behind the scenes of the Internet–

These people (LV Shooting victims) are [were] seriously being tormented, and the bullies in question could be [have been] found, questioned, and stopped– it’s all going to be detailed further in the textbook history I’m writing as the news continues and Q’s posts show is nature, which is (most likely) a huge game play to be disgustingly disappointed [perhaps].

Knock on Wood

Governments are working every side and using tax payers money to do it. Not every politician and not every acronym who-ha is a bad guy. Just like any war (clandestine or otherwise) there’s good guys dressed to play the Professor Snape. Dude. I can’t believe I went there. Yeah, and the Death Eaters go wild–

Thanks for reading this.

I write other blogs and even use different author names, but I’m not into ads on showing you ways to find me. What do I care. Haven’t you seen enough?

Writing a book takes a lot of work, but when one realizes the historical lies are piled way too high, the problem becomes one issue: take back the tale of history before it runs away with the youth–



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