Listen to this man please. The information is important to keep yourself free. Literally, if you’re anti-corporation “community rape/pillage/imprison” activists or a grandma holding a sign or wearing a t-shirt with anything offensive to corporate world and capitalism, then you could be held in prison for any reason what-so-ever under whatever label they’d like to give you.

Grandma knitting a scarf that says “Fuck Your God” could be enslaved to fold prison underwear for as long as they keep knitting that goddamn scarf.

Dressed like a clown? These people want to drag away every last clown in site, because clowns are colorful and bring joy to adults and scare chicken-lilly pale children and cats. Clowns are the most wholesome thing since apple pie and strawberry tarts.

If you feel the need to wear a t-shirt that says “Divest” & on the back it said “In Grandma’s Pussy” with a little cat, like the ones “Hang In There” .. You could get dragged away before the police even see the back of the shirt! And if they did see the back.. well, they’d probably want to know where you’re grandma’s been hanging out.. or.. her number. Or..– Well, but they actually already have that don’t they? …Hmm.. .


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