Street Cornered: the voice of Ani Wheat

I’ve only shared songs that have been unedited. I am not professional, and don’t want to have anything to do with the music industry. I’m a writer, but more than anything, I’m an activist, and for this, never will sing these songs on mainstream. They are for  world peace. The songs that I’m sharing were made up on the spot. It’s called improv. Maybe one day I will learn how I played them…until then, I’d rather just keep singing like I’ve always done: alone.

Sometimes it doesn’t sound awesome, but I found out I should probably share my talents with the people who I choose, and not the people who are “forced” to listen to me while I create what I do in my house.. (yea, I’m talking about the little agents who access our phone’s mic. & data.) My favorite song is “Man and His Machine” …

I don’t care that I sing off-key. That’s part of the fun of being real.

These songs were made because of a game
I found murderers and it’s not pleasant


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