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Abraham Lincoln’s Killer Dreams

World. Hello.
Hello, American government
(You realize it’s a blog? Putting myself out there).

Reporting from some defective soapbox. Blog never was news, but “fun” information posted here at the Anewwe’s Search for Eudaimonia (Eudaimonia means “happiness”). Obama’s nsa admin. decided to  spread lies about this “anonymous” blogger. Federal agents went as far as to spread the lie that I was being called “the queen of anonymous” … No. Not the queen of hacking… not even the queen of blogging.                       [[LONG STORY… REDACTED]]

This blog was a copy paste a lot of the time. Now I don’t feel comfortable sharing myself to the government, but that’s what being on the Internet is for the entire world. We are all sharing our insides with the government. They scraped my history to the bone. Scary shit. Why?:

Our government admitted to the harassment, stalking, and assassination of Martin Luther King JR., and so many more atrocities to peaceful changers and social justice workers, journalists, scientists, artists, etc.,etc…

This may be the last time I write a blog of this nature. Unfortunate as it’s my religious and political self being hated upon. I realize not many people read this blog, and I garnered heavy attention from the moguls I was reporting on —

Giants vs. Blogger
Blogger decides to NOT run for office.

That’s right folks. Anewwe Evolve “Ani Wheat” started this blog to follow “the yellow brick road” and now I’ve discovered the “Gordian Knot” of marionettes. Oh what fun to speak in metaphors, isn’t it?

Nobody knows, but the biggest readers of poetry is our National Security Agents [FBI, CIA, etc.]. Hey dudes, I’m a private citizen, poet, not a terrorist. Within is your own enemy, may you find peace.

Now, to the real reason I was going to blog about. ::WEIOWEE SIRENS:: Blogger blogging!!

Yesterday I learned that Abraham Lincoln believed that our dreams were gateways into spiritual warnings (premonitions). During his first term as President, he had a dream where he saw a double exposure of his own face. One was colorful, happy, healthy painting the other was pale and “looked like death.” The couple interpreted the dream as Abraham would die in his second year of office.

In his second term, he had another disturbing dream, in which he was wondering around the Whitehouse with people mourning and an open casket. He asked a man who’d died and the man said “The President.” Three days after the dream Abraham Lincoln was shot, and the rest is history.