Gang-stalking Occupiers. Love is only answer.

Because of what happened to me recently, I am having a very difficult time trying to forget that the richest people on the planet can walk all over an individual’s life, and play them like a rag-doll. When I should be writing poems and a novel, instead I lay in bed, worrying about the rest of the world.

For some honest reason, before my gang-stalking and no-touch torture experience, I imagined that much of the tragedies of America (school shootings, etc.) were real news, in that nothing was prevoked by inside sources (Internet trolls [taxed paid or otherwise]).. yet, because gang-stalking is used by CIA, FBI, and amorphous {secret} police forces, the government has full rein over every citizen’s family and medical history. Not to mention all your latests table-fact-to-face conversations, phone calls, emails, travel records…. If they don’t like the way you think, what you believe in… then they can use your entire life history against you, in the strangest of ways.

Disinformation is rampant and in every avenue and newsource, including alternative news sources. Sadly, the propaganda machine runs in every different belief structure. Not everything is propaganda, but much of what happens in our world is meant to control the tides of social emotions. The ocean of our emotions is in the soundwaves and images they float across our eyelids.

It is the richest people in all the world, the most anonymous of round-tables. They just want allegiance, your money, your talent, your life. I’m assuming that any former national secruity employee could be subject to these techniques… nobody is safe, not even the people who work for the NSA… because you guys know just how far this goes… and is going.

I figure I’ll  never get a whistleblower on this one, but that’s because I don’t want to be in the news… I never contacted anonymous.. and even though I fully support Occupy Wall St., I’ve never even been to the protests.. I Occupy my Heart… Is that why they hate me?

Back in 2012 (New Years) I wrote a poem… but I signed it with “The Anonymous of Love” — but it was just me.. writing a poem on Facebook. I think I need to share that poem with you now, because it’s important and I believe the beginning of my being put on a list for spies to watch-out for the girl who dances in her room, playing guitar and singing. … I am just a girl, sitting at the veil of Oz, and I see his shadow, and he is no wizard, but millions of eyes. Argus the giant lives underneath the fingertips. The poem below is semi-embarrassing, and was something I made up, and this was its first draft :

Relax your face, pucker your lips, & go “hug-g-bug”
Let your jowls flap in the wind
Because you deserve it.

Facebook owns the Internet and
Google wants to own you!

Take care dear sirs & sirettes!
Keep your information safe
And their information will be revealed.

Ask questions
Never stop asking
Who is who

What piece will you play in this game?
Giving up is for the hopeless.
Pawns become Queens!
And we have gone through the looking glass
now. Full Moon Ahead!

It’s 2012! We made it! Excited to be alive.
Don’t forget to stretch, breath, and take in
Clean water.

Happy New Year Everyone!

—- Anonymous of Love 2012  —

* * * * * * *
It was a stupid poem, and really not even a real poem. Just me sending a message that I didn’t want people to know that I wrote it. I said “hey, look what I found,” but I wrote it.. I’m the “Anonymous of Love” but I don’t associate with Anonymous, and never have. I believe in truth, and I believe in keeping people safe.

If you are a believer in freedom and peace, please google search: gang-stalking. And prepare your psyche. It is real, and really illegal. These are not “demons” but real people. Very rich people.


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