omg hello! Remember me?

Dear ones of the world, 10264533_1416752795254306_1504902702794249046_n

I have been down the rabbit hole, to the land of OZ, and I have seen the wizard. Metaphorically speaking that is. And what a weird and expensive adventure…  I am currently living in the woods and have found all the love within my heart and soul. It flows out of me through these words and the world is both ever expansive and quiet very small.

What can I say… I have been avoiding the news stream for about a year and have been having a rough time learning to live without the normalacy of a city life. I wish I could recommend everyone take time away from the news, as it is meant to keep us all angry and torn down the middle. I love our planet, and pray for peace.

..It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, and I thought I’d never come back to Anewwe’s Search for Eudaimonia ever again…but then the strangest occurrence happened to me, and I am now made aware of a secret CIA technique that is called “gang-stalking” and “no-touch torture.” And sadly, I am now a victim of this illegal technique. It was used against me because I have sensitive government secrets, and our government thought that I was going to one day tell the media the secret act of war. Our government thought that I was going to try and tell the world something that would put my boyfriend away  (like Chelsea Manning)…but I wasn’t going to tell the media, nor will I ever, and the reason is because acts of war happen everyday.

In the end, nobody cares about the specifics of the war. Me telling the media what I know will not change the fact that secret acts of war happen all the time. But this did not stop the CIA and secret police from letting me know, through the use of gang-stalking and “no-touch torture” that they will simply kill me in the streets. Usually, people who are victim are painted as insane. These techniques can cause heart attacks and forced suicides. (I will never, ever, EVER kill myself) Nor will I ever carry weapons. Nor will I ever try to hurt others. I am peaceful and in love with the world. And I wish to help heal the abusers who are spying on me, and the rest of the world–


Even as a type, I know I am being heavily monitored. Our keystrokes are always being counted, and everything that I do has to be carefully measured…. I am not an enemy of the state, but my ideals go against the grain, and it is because I am wonderful person that I fear for the entire freedom of our country.

I do not want to be on TV, and I don’t want to tell my story. BUT I need to tell the world that peaceful people, intelligent scientists and believers in change are being illegally gang-stalked by our secret government, and it was taught to them by Nazi psychologists. MK-ULTRA and the MONARCH programs are real and they have evolved, and the NSA is helping with these illegal psychological tactics to entrap, scare, and murder wonderful people.

Please educate yourself on this illegal tactic. Please read up on “gang-stalking” and “no-touch torture.” Parts of me still believe that I will forever be in danger of our government. The people who wish to use me as their doll (because I can sing and play guitar) are the same entity that stalked and killed Martin Luther King Jr. The government knows that I was considering becoming a porn-star. They knew that I was considering this because I was depressed about the secrets that I knew, I wanted to make money, and parts of me thought that it could make me famous. Of course, I don’t think I was ever going to follow through with this idea..but–

My government knows me better than my own family, and they wish I could be bought. But our world is in danger of an agenda that wishes to enslave our dreams and our freewill. Our freedoms are in grave danger with the way the NSA gathers our keystrokes. The CIA uses our inner most thoughts.. when you type a mean txt to your mom and then delete it.. they know what you now think about your mom… when you send a nude photo to someone who isn’t your boyfriend… now they know you’re a cheater… they use your life and your memories against you. What they do is psychological, and that’s why it’s called “no-touch torture.”

Please google search gang-stalking. Read about the history behind what the CIA has been allowed to illegally do to good people. People who believe in freedom and peace are in danger.

I will never call these secret police “illuminati” or “demons” ..they may worship the occult and drink fake-blood, eat red velvet cake or whatever, but when the facts are boiled down, these are just people. The richest people in the world. And they want me for their propaganda machine. They are angry that I called the head of NSA “my fuzzy puppet.” They want to use me or kill me. Just like Micheal Jackson. And I am a beautiful butterfly person. And I am a butterfly person for the people. I love the world and I always have within my heart the ability to forgive even for the most nasty atrocities to mankind. THIS JUST IN>>>> Gods want humanity to not forgive until the “Barons” been stopped.
They must choose to stop themselves.
No more brainwashing of humankind.

My keys:
Sadness. Shame. Guilt. Forgiveness


The US PATRIOT Act must be changed. Gang-stalking and psychological torture against peaceful people should be addressed immediately, as it is an afront to not only America, but the entirety of humanity. If continued, I believe, the agenda will bleed into entrapping anyone who goes against the corporate agenda. All Occupiers and peaceful protestors are in danger of “no-touch torture.” It is being used against people who they assume will cause troubles later… Children in the school systems can be tagged quiet easily if they do not fit the mold. Anyone who believes our world needs to change is not safe.


I refuse to hide from the world I love. I love the world and am not a terrorist. I am a believer in change, beauty, and art.

Anewwe’s Search for Eudaimonia

-Ani Wheat


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