My dog is dying — I mean, my Blog: I have not fed you!

How am I feeling? 
I am sorry I am not there & here,
everywhere all at once —

There is not much that I can say. All the issues of the world just keep coming, and maintaining this style of blog got to be too much for me. Emotionally. It is tiring to think about all the problems in the world. And now, I need to do more with my life.

There are too many things to do in a day, and a week, and a lifetime. And I’m learning that… IF I want to actually succeed at doing something I enjoy, while getting paid for it (go figure), then I have to start, you know, working towards that goal, like, everyday <—- don’t worry, that’s not how i really write

For starters. I DO want to be a writer. I know it. It’s okay if you couldn’t tell, apparently I didn’t know either… Although once (when I was 25), a friend of mine, in a mystic eyed stare, during a conversation about our Saturn returns, told me that I should always write and never stop. I considered it in the back of my mind, but never imagined that four years later (29 yrs) I would actually want to start writing books, of both non-fiction and fiction. Not only do I know that I want to do this, but I know that I can be successful at it. It just takes time… everyday.


This is how I feel

Who knows what will happen to this blog. It may go back to the original
and yea, that kinda sucks, but I am now trying to save money & don’t use this blog as much as I use to. Thanks to everyone who still reads these when I make a post. Someday soon, when I get all my shit together (I’m starting today!), I will have more website projects coming up, and will post them here as well. In the future look forward experiencing the artistic side of my life, creative writing/poetry, professional goals, as well as getting to know more about my accomplishments of becoming successful. It’s going to be crazy fun!

We are in that time, we will either create a new beginning, or destroy animal/life habitat one planet at a time. Are we evil, or can we sustain? These are the questions we face in this century and the next.

I plan to live to be 100+, how about you?

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