#EndMonsanto: Why Not Label?


What is Monsanto so scared of? Why don’t they want to label their food? Why don’t they want us to know what they’ve done? Don’t they feel proud of their gene splicing? Don’t they want to feed the world?

HA! No, but that sure is what they want you to think.

I’m not convinced that putting the genes of an animal or chemical is what nature intended. Man does nothing but push the boundaries of nature, and usually ends in the devastation of ecosystems and the natural patterns of life.

Man does not embrace nature, so he therefore cannot begin to understand the intentions or negative impacts their decisions manifest in the years to come. Man does not think of what will happen in 50, 60,100 years, because they live in a world that keeps them distracted and busy, controlled and stupid, rich and spoiled.

Monsanto has created an ocean of chemicals in which we still spray across land, people, and animals. This is what they do best. Sell chemicals that kill and deform people.

Monsanto doesn’t want you to remember the past. They want you to think about the future! Which is a world in which they design and control the entire food supply and seeds. Forever creating a dependence on the company.

…aaand I ssooollldd my soul to the company store.

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