How to Change the World (FREE Ebook)

How to Change the World
(FREE Ebook)

Here is a free PDF E-book, “How to Change the World” published by Collective Evolution, written by Elina St-Onge.

I have yet to read it, but I’m sure it has gems of knowledge.


I’m sorry to say that I have been neglecting my blog for the past month or so. Life happens, and I also started dabbling in other social media platforms like Pininterest, Twitter,  (sadly) Facebook, and a couple others. I have to say I dislike Twitter immensely, as it does not feel like connection and is vastly limiting. I despise Facebook as it has too many rules and censors controversial topics and blocks me from making “too many” friends. PinInterest is… okay as it allows me to organize links into separate categories, but still is not a meaningful platform to connect or share detailed information.

Regardless of my feelings towards social media, I feel I must expand my outreach. For those who are interested in finding all that I do on the internet (not just here on, please come and find me on Facebook (Anewwe Evolve), Twitter (Anewwe) , and/or PinInterest (Anewwe Evolve).

Thank you to all those who check out my blog on a daily basis. The best way to keep up to date with blog posts is to subscribe via email by “following the yellow brick rd” (found on the right side, below “search site”).

Until next time,


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