Science vs. Religion


Science stems from humanities curiosity, questioning if there really is a “God,” or if we are all gods, and if so, why live the way we do? Science tells us what we can and cannot see in our universe. Opens the minds of children, makes them think creatively.

Without science, we couldn’t travel to mars, and if our nation does not utilize and invest our time, minds, and monies into science, then we might not EVER figure out how humanity will continue to survive on our drastically changing and politically controlling planet. We would still be drilling for oil, why everyone else dies around us. Until all that’s left is a mess unfit for anything but a cockroach and a pocket of “lucky” survivors. That’s what could happen without advancement from science.

We are unsustainable. Everyone knows it. There is no denying the death of starving African children, the oil spills in South America. The mountaintop removals in our own country. The drilling, the pipeline, the fracking!! Soon, we will see what it is like to be victims of corporation externalities.

right now, IF we had invested in science and not war, then we could all be living with FREE ENERGY, The science is there, technology is possible. And it will create tons of jobs.

In fact, the only reason why wars are continuous and (sometimes) never-ending, is b/c of RELIGIOUS disputes. And while I’m at it, I’d have to say “WTF happened to the separation of Church and State?!”


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