Open Letter to the President — The XL Pipeline will destroy our heartland

Dear Obama,

As a young American voter, I have to say that I once believed in you, but now you have shown me that there is no hope in believing in any candidate who accepts millions of dollars from corporations.

If you hadn’t noticed what the “young generation” has been saying Obama, corporations are the new evil, and I am fully aware that they have your family in the palm of their greedy hands. I’m sure they have threatened you, your wife, and your children behind closed doors, because, after all, you are merely a puppet.

Are you so proud to be good at killing people? Is that how you would like to be remembered in history books? The first black president to be “good at killing people.”

So thank you. Because of you, I will forever vote for the third party candidates. Because of you, I will no longer believe the propagandized media they spout on the nightly news. Thank you for giving me the hope I needed. Now I know. We can only believe in ourselves, and there’s nothing we can do to change the two party system, except for to vote for the third parties in all our elections.



I know you have been compromised by the big wiigs, however I still believe that you can grow the cajones long enough to stop this pipeline and ESTABLISH RENEWABLE ENERGY BEFORE IT IS TOOOOO LATE!!!!!!

Mr. President, there’s no way around it — approving Keystone XL is incompatible with your promise to act on climate. You alone have the power to stop this pipeline from irreparably damaging our climate for ourselves, and future generations. I urge you to stay true to your word, base your decision on the facts, and reject the climate-killing Keystone XL pipeline once and for all.

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