Anewwe’s Message for the Future


Hello frequent readers,

Over the last few months, I have been quiet heavy handed and critical towards the United States government. I admit that accusing our government of being terrorists may have seemed radical or shocking. If you watched the footage of drone victims blown to bits by our military, then you would have been just as horrified as I am. I apologize for being the bearer of difficult images, but one thing is for sure, I will never take back the statement that democracy is being run under fake pretenses.

Slowly, our freedoms are being taken away from us. However, it is not too late to take back what is being slowly stolen. Democracy lives in small pockets around the country, but not everywhere. The only hope for America (and the world), is to vote, but do not just vote, but vote for an alternative party, vote for a third party. We must hold democracy accountable, together, We must become the media.

There are already alternatives out there, and they are springing up as we speak. In Seattle the first ever Occupy Activist, and first time Socialist Party victory won a seat on the Seattle’s City Council. Seattle could soon have a minimum wage of $15-hr. Julian Assange started the Wikileaks Party and was running for Senate in Australia.

Cool things are happening in our world.

Did I ever explain the word “Eudaimonia?” I kept meaning to but – it means happiness. Eudaimonia is a reference to an Aristotle philosophy that essentially refers to the one thing that all humans strive for. We all desire happiness, and when we are living in pure joy, we are flourishing in both mind and body.

The other day a friend said that the title “Anewwe’s Search for Eudaimonia” seemed misleading, based on what is actually shared by me (it’s author).  He said that the title makes it seem like my writing should be about me, and my personal struggles and outcomes. It made me think for a moment, “Should I change this blog? Should I second guess my purpose?”

Well, if you hadn’t noticed, I don’t write much about my self. Am I anewwe, and am I really searching for happiness in this blog? That’s a tough and almost scary question. If I said no, then does that mean I have wasted my time constructing this entity that has now filled so many of my personal waking hours?

This blog is like a painting, each layer has become more intricate than the last.

— BUT, do I change the title? I’ve never considered or believed I’d become so attached. Searching for happiness, that’s all anyone is ever trying to do. It is what we all have in common. Showing footage of war crimes does not bring me joy… — however, the reason I do it, lays deep within my DNA. It’s that voice that was once so little, intuition. It tells me the time is approaching, and we are near the moment in which our country decides on which path we are going to take next. Not only am I referring to the next presidential election (yes, 2016 is going to be a heated battle), but I’m also talking about the amazing shift that is happening within us all. Humanity must strive for unity, and governments must be forced into agreements based on what is good for the 99.9% of people being shafted by the corporate vampires.

vampire hundred dollar bill

The moment we have all been waiting for, since the 60’s, have culminated to these last precious moments and years. Now is that moment in which humanity will have to come together and demand freedom from the hands of those who care only for their own bank accounts. Democracy has been purchased and is being killed behind closed doors. Shouting from the rooftops, I say this:

VOTE! Vote with your heart. Vote for an alternative. Don’t listen to mainstream coverage. Find Alternative Media! It is out there, and trying to inform us of what happens behind the curtain. Don’t let anyone scare you from what you think is the right decision for you. If you’ve never voted before, now is the time to start. Voting can be a powerful statement when it is kept honest.

When used correctly, Democracy can be an amazing tool for positive change, but if they take it away from us, then we will have zero power. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE OUR POWER. It is ours, and we must hold them accountable for their actions and their words.

For me, I vote Green Party. It’s the best option for the environment and the common citizen. The Green Party has been in operation since 1984, is known fairly well by those who are familiar with third parties, and refuses corporate sponsorships. Of course, there are more out there, and I urge every one of my readers to do some digging, find a third party that you can stand behind.

I dedicate my life to exposing the corrupt and defusing its grip on our society. Greed’s hands must be peeled away from the breathless democracy, before it’s too late. For me, I plan on being alive the day American’s decide to take back the power, and clean up the mess left by all the crooks and creeps playing their never-ending Monopoly games.


Because of the internet, Ignorance is a choice

The global shift has begun, and does not stop at Occupy Wall Street or 12/21/12, It is now and it continues:

Be familiar with your big brother:

#Revolution — Occupy Protests — Freedom is Still Being Fought For

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