America has been compromised by terrorists… OH WAIT. Sorry, it’s just our government.

Everyone needs to understand: Drones are being used in our name, bombing innocent children. America is being run by terrorists, and in the process creating a world that hates the U.S.

Here is a Reddit conversation w/ Anewwe’s comments on  r/conspiracy:


We are being run by a fake democracy, and our government is in the process creating terrorists that harbor hate for America.

dirtydee000thedi: Wow r/conspiracy on top of the news again, ten years late. This is post is not even related to a conspiracy- this should be reported and removed.

anewwe: Isn’t it conspiracy to say “Our government is being run by terrorists?” Some might argue that it is conspiracy…but, if you agree with the statement, then why report and remove something as important as exposing the truth?

Today, conspiracy is whatever the media is not reporting on. Conspiracy does not just include the craziest of theories, such as: “reptilians exist [and are controlling the Illuminati].” Sorry, but those kinds of subjects are only a distraction from the real issue, which is that democracy is operating not on a two party system, but on a ONE party system.

Conspiracy or not, what does it matter? We are trying to expose the truth and not confuse people.

When some of the children survivors of these bombed countries grow into adulthood, they will act out what they have experienced: “It was America’s fault,” thus creating more hate and terrorists. In essence, not only is our government terrorists, but they are creating terrorists. That seems to be what the United States excels at.

XxXyahtzeee420XxX: Ugh, I hate it when people like you always focus on ‘children’ and such stuff. Appealing to emotion is a disgusting trick used by politicians. What about the ‘innocent’ adults and elderly? Or the adolescents? Why are they even innocent? Eat my ass, OP [original poster].

anewwe: We are all children to somebody else. Did you watch the entire video? Do you disagree that blowing an innocent civilian’s face off is something American’s really want to be known for?

XxXyahtzeee420XxX: Nice loaded question there; you’re a real master of rhetoric. Killing people in offense is the worst, most abhorrent thing I can think of – does that answer your question?

anewwe: Sure thing. I’m certain anyone sane would agree with the ideology that killing is wrong, and I agree that using ‘women & children’ might be considered manipulative, however, the fact remains… American drones are killing children, and there isn’t any other way to say it, without…saying it.

If the U.S. were to have even one drone strike on American soil, then we would all be up in arms, responding in the same way we did 9/11, and if history repeats itself, then that will be exactly what the military government needs to keep all their wars continuously funded for the years to come.

Purimfest_1946 : Iraqi Resistance tries to warn the American People – Uploaded on Jul 29, 2006

“…..they (the US government) will enforce on you, just as it tries to enforce on our people, new laws that will result in a police state similar to those your consecutive governments back in our region….. and soon our people will be foreigners in the land of their forefathers. This new world order will enslave people of all religons and race, and soon your children, as well as ours, if they survive, will truly live in a planet of apes”

anewwe: Quiet honestly, if our country would stop terrorizing people, then maybe we could actually have a president not as distracted by how militarized the U.S. truly is, and create positive change.

iNewworldorder: United States of America sounds like United Slaves of America. We pay taxes while they bomb the hell out of “terrorists” and all our Master’s media can show is FREEDOM!!!!

Please help wake up more people in this nation.

anewwe: You’re right. The sickest part of that, is the fact slaves still exist, and I’m not talking about the federal reserve caste system. I mean, real slaves in fields, growing tomatoes in Florida w/o chemical protective gear, spraying and being sprayed, and chained


Tomatoland is an excellent book for further reading about the slavery situation in the United States. Click image to see a video of one woman’s experience inside Imokolee

Regardless of whether or not they are illegal immigrants or not, they are still being treated as slaves, and they grow all of our industrialized food.

: I just hope that the rest of the world knows its our government doing this without the knowledge of the people. How long until you think someone will do something about it?

anewwe: People have been trying to do something about it for a long time. But I think that some Americans eyes opened when the government shut down…

BangkokSweatpants: How long until the first American drone strike on American soil against “homegrown terrorists”?

anewwe: I am still doing more research on Karen Hudes (just heard about her last night), but she use to work for the World Bank, and has said some interesting things regarding this question.

Our government could try to kill us all, but they don’t. Because if they did, then we would truly be in a rebellion, and the world would no longer exist to favor the corporatist. It would be too ugly, and I do not think it will happen (perhaps in another century of greed in power) but, if Americans no longer buy into the corporate capitalist world, then they no longer have the power, which is why they continue to pick on individuals who could be seen as ‘radical.’ However governments definition of radical has changed to include groups fighting to keep the planet clean. People who want change are now ‘potential terrorists.’


America has been operating under the veil since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

The largest problem is getting all U.S citizens to agree that the largest problem is our two party system, and that democracy has been compromised.

However with the amount of laws being written and passed right under our feet, it will only make it that more difficult to get everyone on the same page.

CapnHooke :But if we don’t have more terrorists to fight, how will we be able to keep giving our tax dollars to big defense contractors?? [sarcasm]

anewwe: Whatever shall we do? Perhaps we could actually build high-speed trains? Or… hmm.. Renewable energy? Oh.. I know! We could pay off our debt, give more funds to NASA or schools, or students, or raise wages, or…

tazcatlipoca : .. Get the federal reserve out those wolves in sheep clothing, restore the printing press back to the people and government and print united states notes backed by any physical assets, starting with our 170,000 tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii from JFK green Hilton memorial agreement

anewwe: Yea! and print it all in hemp. Hell, let’s make growing organic (non-terminator/non-gmo/no-chemical) mandatory hemp for all farms growing corn. Corn sucks the nutrients and carbon right out of the soil.

Planting nitrogen fixers, like legumes (beans) could also be mandatory practice for all farms. Hey, it’s called rotational cropping, and it’s one of the ways civilizations have survived without polluting everything w/ non-techonological agrarian practices (i.e. before the tractor).

Soldiers could come back home, will require special ptsd therapy with highly skilled (non-biased) therapists. They can be put directly to work on helping build high-speed railroading systems. They are strong and want to do good, right what they were forced to do wrong, like pushing a drone-button to kill innocent children, babies, sleeping cities.

hanahou: One day when we least expect it. We are going to pay a heavy price for all this. You reap what you sow and sometimes that seed takes awhile to grow up. Israel and the House of Saud is going to reap it also,

anewwe: Already paying for it with our taxes. The heavy price is the minimum wages and jobs we must work so many hours at, to keep our families fed, and our taxes paid. We’ve been paying for this all along. And yes, drones are only making it worse.

Why must they do this in such a way? It’s like America became such a trigger happy nation after bombing Japan in WWII. It seems that the powerful greed that puppets our government is reliving his moment, when he won freedom! It’s easier to push a button than it is to pull a trigger. How many soldiers do we see actually gunning down children? Not as many as we do from drones and land mines.

There’s so many good things we could do for our country, and the world, if we could just stop bombing everything. The only way I will leave this country is if they MAKE ME. There are too many of us, and I think we can all agree on certain things, like science, education, economic equality, strict laws against corporations (limiting them from election donations)…

If you read this blog, tell me, what do you think we could be doing better at? What solutions do you see?

For document purposes, b/c Reddit moderators tend to censor or downplay ideologies:

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 10.47.38 AM Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 10.48.12 AM
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 11.54.16 AM Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 11.54.33 AM Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 11.55.06 AMScreen shot 2014-01-07 at 1.04.59 PM

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