American Democracy is Dead. United States Government Run By Terrorists.

We are being run by a fake democracy, and our government is in the process creating terrorists that harbor hate for America.

When some of the children survivors of these bombed countries grow into adulthood [if they make it out alive], they will act out what they have experienced: “It was America’s fault,” thus creating more hate and terrorists.

In essence, not only is our government terrorists, but they are creating terrorists. That seems to be what the United States excels at.

The largest problem is getting all U.S citizens to agree that the largest problem is our two party system, and that democracy has been compromised. However with the amount of laws being written and passed right under our feet, it will only make it that more difficult to get everyone on the same page.

This is not about Obama, this is about the money and power behind EVERY PRESIDENT EVER. Behind every administration there is war, power, and greed. We pay our taxes, and they keep the truth from us, or at least they try.

WAKE UP! This is not about Obama, this is about the two party system, voting for either, and this shit would still be happening.

The only way out is to vote for a third party. Vote for a party that does not sell-out to corporations.

I vote Green Party, and I don’t regret it. Never again will I buy into the idea that either democrat or republican can make change. There is no hope for any candidate that is so easily purchased. It doesn’t happen, and it won’t ever, not UNLESS we can all agree that NEITHER are a good option, and something else will HAVE to emerge. It is inevitable that our country and its people one day stand up and say “no more, and NOT in our name.”

It’s not going to be easy, but I know that it can be done, and it must be done without war.

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