How Long Will It Take For Reddit To Censor Anewwe’s Message


Comment made on topic “Majority of Americans Have Profoundly Negative View of the Government”

Have you heard? People are waking up now.
It is becoming an agreement to many intellectuals, that with the amount of information brought forward, has made us stop and question whether or not we are indeed living in a tyrannical nation.

So many states have already become somewhat police state, most especially protesters, activists, non-profits, media… not to mention enforced racism [stop-and-frisk, stand your ground].

Here are couple references of non-violent crimes people have “committed”:

[Hunger Games Glitter Terrorist Plot – Students arrested

[Portland,OR Young Activists Jailed for literature and political beliefs]

[What Really Happened to Native Canadians Who Protested Fracking]

[Media Journalist Micheal Hastings – Dies in Inferno Car Crash hours after contacting wikileaks]

I could add more, but why?
All i need to do is say their name. Trayvon Martin, Chelsea Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, …. all the people who had their lives taken during the Occupy Protests. Shall I keep going?

What about all the fracking, and the lives of those destroyed because of the methane (caused by natural gas) contaminating their water supply.
The EPA does nothing for the families with their lungs and skin burning and itching. Their homes slowly being taken away. The value so low, not even a cow would be healthy. Shall I keep going?

If this message is deleted from Reddit, then know, Reddit has been compromised by the same entity that is continuing to destroy our planet, and make us believe it was *our* idea.

I’ll say this, anyone who contests and says these examples above are not examples of what is to come, they are most likely a corporate shill.
And, goshdarnit, law says corporations are people too! Who here thinks *that’s* a joke?  Corporations are paying twisted amounts of money to weave laws so tightly, that only they/them/theirs profit in money and power.

We’ve known this for a long time. Of course it’s true, otherwise things would be different. People wouldn’t be in jail for non-violent crimes, because people would be free to do and say what they want… Isn’t that like, in the U.S. Constitution, or something? I forget. Must be all the fluoride I’ve been drinking. And has anyone heard… ::they plan on putting lithium in the water too:: Wonder how they will market that.

What about all those drugs people keep taking? Anyone here on medication for some learning dis-ability? I tried that once myself. Did it help you? Because it caused all sorts of heart issues to my 16 year old body, and once I stopped, my health returned. How about that? Does anyone else have a similar story? ADD and ADHD and all those other learning “problems” could be solved by children going outside to play, being in nature, you know… where we came from.. outside.

Children crave it (regardless of whether they admit it). They want to read and learn. They do not want to be tested by the states, wasting their time, filling in bubbles.

What a mess standardized testing has been for our last couple generations. Children should be learning how to communicate with each other, life long skills, learning the true history of our country. History books should and will be written, including Edward Snowden, and all whistleblowers. Everything will be released. Academic citizens fighting for education of truth, need to stand up and take back the school systems curriculum, and dismiss their districts standardized testing.

Kids need nature, books, mentors [especially from the elderly], art, music, shall I go on?


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