The Selling of ADHD: Diagnoses, 20 Year Pharma Experiment on Children

The Selling of ADHD: Diagnoses, 20 Year Pharma Experiment on Children

Click the links to Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, interviewing several peoples experience with ADHD diagnoses.

ADHD and ADD meds are not the answers to parenting hyperactive children. I’ve seen and experienced what these prescriptions can do to a developing child or teenage brain. ADD meds are only 20 years been tested. You bet there are a number of studies, just waiting to come out, showing the detrimental effects, both psychologically and physiological.

For starters, lets play, DON’T DO DRUGS:

If children and teens should avoid drugs (meth, etc.) and unnecessary surgeries (plastics for tits, etc.), then why give them behavioral pharmaceutical drugs? Diagnosis comes around only when parents think they have no control, or when stressful people turn to doctors or psychologists, (and sometimes [quack-nut chiropractors, dealing ‘natural-alt’ pill/supplements]), when parents/teens/students should be seeking ways to distress, through guidance counselors, therapists, respected/knowledgeable community members, family members, and especially an elder, fit in mind, with wealth of good practical advice, and funny stories to boot.

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