Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, all around us, watching.

Have you looked up your own name on the internet lately? If not, you should check it out.  Facebook and Google have both contributed to leaking as much information about you, your friends, and your children, all across the internet, for anyone to see, regardless of how private you kept your settings. 

Of course, this was bound to happen eventually, but now, if I wanted, I could purchase for as low as $3 your phone number, previous addresses, birth, marriage, and divorce certificates. I can find pictures of what you look like, tattoos, haircuts, the way you smile, that dimple or mole on your cheek, use your name, memorize your interests, and pretend to be… you. Isn’t that creepy.

Well, yes, it is extremely creepy, but not as creepy as hacking into your computer and turning on your video camera without turning the little green light on. Spying on you while you surf the world wide web.

Would you consider yourself a terrorist? I would hope not, but does that matter to the NSA? Not in the slightest, everyone is suspect, especially if they’re radical or political or an activist or a journalist or a blogger or a video gamer or a ….

One thing is for certain, the NSA’s largest fear is people like me and you. How do I know? Because I own a blog. I speak the truth. And everything is uncensored and unpaid. Oh its people like you and me, the ones searching for the revolution, waiting for evolution. You think they can’t silence us on the internet?

Luckily we haven’t lost complete freedom of speech, but listen folks, the ability to share and communicate information is going to get harder and harder, especially if the TPP passes. I’ve shared a couple articles in the last month about what the TPP is, and how it will affect us all. If you haven’t heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, please google search for a proper explanation.

When the TPP passes, blogs like this will be harder to find as search engines  and social networking systems will push alternative media and bloggers to the bottom of the barrel, making important messages related to sustainability and corruption disappear. Everything is better if it just disappears right? I am a radical thinker and you probably are too, and you would be kidding yourself to think you are excluded from this circle of surveillance.

Listen, do you hear that clicking? It’s your phone being tapped. Believe me, I’ve heard it.
We are the citizens of Earth who are fed up with government lies, manipulation, propaganda, and the silencing of the freedom of press and free speech. Government is in fear of the ultimate day when the oppressed  stand up to make right what is wrong. It will one day come, and for humanities sake, I hope it comes within our lifetime, this time, I know you’re awake. 

Green Party for life. Vote green. Vote sustainable.

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