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Anytime I read Aaron Swartz name, I just have to read what is going to be said. Just the same way I will read anything related to the NSA, Whistleblower, or anything related to any citizen put in jail for a non-violent and victimless crime of any kind.

If a young man could be thrown in jail for life because he downloaded and shared free academic information to the general public, then corporate business men should be fairly prosecuted for knowingly causing harm to animals and poverty to people. Those are the real criminals and terrorists of this planet. Industry has to fall eventually.

Here’s what I just received in the mail today,
anyone planning on going to New Hampshire in January?: __________________________________________________________________________________

Dear Anewwe,

Seven years ago this January, Aaron Swartz visited me in Berlin to convince me to give up my work on intellectual property and take up the fight against corruption. Nothing sane would get done within IP — or anywhere else — he believed, until we released our political system from the stranglehold of moneyed interests and corporate influence. He convinced me.

On January 11, the anniversary of Aaron’s death, we will begin a 185-mile walk along the length of New Hampshire, to continue the fight that Aaron began. Along the way, we will recruit as many New Hampshirites as we can to the battle against corruption. We want every presidential candidate at every New Hampshire primary event to be asked just one question: “How will you fix the corruption in Washington?”

Sign up to participate in this historic march — for one day or all of them — and help us take back our democracy.

If you can’t make it to the march click here to sign and spread the petition.

Aaron brought a contagious idealism to everything he did. That idealism inspired thousands to join the battle against SOPA and PIPA. But as he believed, it was the thousands — and not him — that won that fight. As he said in the last speech he gave, “We won this fight because everyone made themselves the hero of their own story. Everyone took it as their job to save this crucial freedom and threw themselves into it.”

His idealism continues in the work that the incredible Demand Progress community has done over the last few years. Now we need that idealism, and this community, to spread to the fight against corruption.

We’re marching from Dixville Notch (the place the New Hampshire primary begins) to Nashua to save our democracy. Click here to march with us.

If you can walk, join us. Even for just a day, join us. If you can’t walk with us, then help us by spreading the word — and signing the petition.

Tell your New England friends about this insane idea. And if you don’t have any friends in the northeast, then you can pay the NE-Friendless Tax by chipping in whatever you can — from $10 to whatever.

Please do as Aaron convinced me to do 7 years ago: join this fight too. Two years ago, in the SOPA fight, you took on DC’s most powerful lobby, and beat it. If we can can recruit 10 times the support, we can take on the power of all DC lobbyists, and restore a democracy to this Republic.

Whether you lend your feet, your voice or your dollars, we need you in this fight. This January, and every January, until we win — click here to help in whatever way you can.

See you on the road.

– Lessig

Demand Progress and Rootstrikers

PS — If you’d like to sponsor me on the walk, you can do that here.

Paid for by Demand Progress ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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