Changes coming up. listen to music often

Changes coming up. listen to music often

Click the link above to listen to an acoustic folk song about something that pertains to us all.

I’ve been getting some messages saying that has been taking a long time to load, and I would agree. The most likely problem is the amount of images and videos embedded in the format, soooo I’m considering changing the format and theme, things might drastically change as everything is tossed around. However, the name of the blog will remain the same, unless I go crazy with power!whahaha! One thing that will forever be constant is change, and this blog was founded on this base, the experiment continues, and has only just begun.

For those who may have been wondering what or who Eudaimonia is, and why someone is searching for it — eudaimonia is a concept put forth by Aristotle, greek philosopher of many things great and small. It means to flourish, to have happiness, to feel fulfilled from within. It’s my most favorite of words, and once explained, cannot be argued against easily. Everyone wants happiness, that’s easy, but how do you get it? Objects? Other People? Money? Aristotle has been saying it since 384 BC, essentially happiness is not something you buy, it is not how many friends you have, it’s not something that can be taken away, but is the ultimate struggle and achievement we all must take in order to flourish within our circumstance, moving past our differences and opening up our minds to a new world in which happiness abounds and disperses its seeds further, rippling joy as it spreads.

Wait, so, this is still a blog… but now it’s also .org. What does this mean?!
I’m not entirely sure myself, who knows where this experiment will go :))
If anyone is compelled to know more about possible future for collective authorship leave a comment or drop a message:

Thanks to all my readers, i know it’s been quiet round here, but I’ve been crunching numbers, writing papers, throwing pitches, and should be doing more homework righhhtnow, and all I want to do is talk to you! whoever you are! It’s not the procrastination talking, I miss this!


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