No Room for Racism. No Room for Homophobes.

After confronting a women making extremely racist and homophobic remarks, I was compelled to write:

the only true thing to fear is starvation of a being, for a hungry body will go to desperate measures to find a way to feel full.

this may seem gruesome untruth, however within the New World of American history we have heard of the “starving times” in which cannibalism was means for survival. One desperate husband turned against his own wife while she lay sleeping. he ate her, literally. How horrifying it must have been, who knows if he loved her faithfully or beat her regularly, we could assume either way, and both options would never take away from the horror and pain it must have been to kill and consume the flesh of a former lover.

Terror is a powerful tool, yet today it is used most often as a weapon, concealed, but always looming.

One thing is for sure, humans want to believe in something, no matter what it may be, more than not that belief stems from both positive and negative experiences at the most basic of levels — childhood. One unfortunate flaw with some children is their ability to be the most cruel and selfish individuals towards their own peers (and some never grow out of it). Of course, not all children are bullies, but it all depends on their home life and relationship with their family and (most importantly) parents. Experiences in childhood will either help or hinder us. Have you noticed how many dumb racist people are out there spewing their nonsensical hate and outrageously racist and homophobic “facts.”

Anyone who says they believe in a higher spirit or god, but spout racist homophobic filth is beyond my capacity for patience. Good luck all you racist scum! No room for you on this ship, we got way more to deal with than your inability to look past the color of skin, culture of Earth, and acceptance to love freely. No longer can we explain to those who dare not listen to any but the sound of their own voice. Some people are the cuckoos nest, they’re not going to leave their cozy home of belief, they are beyond ones power to mend, even though I wish it were not so, but it has always been, some man stay beast, just as some adults stay children.

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