[Petition] Keep Google from censoring Youtube Comments


Please Follow the Link to Sign this Petition

Google is forcing us to make google+ accounts and invading our social life to comment on a youtube video and trying to take away our anonymous profile. They are also trying to censor us unless we share the same worldview as they do.

New information has been brought to me by one of the supporters of this petition that their account was suspened by google for telling people about this petiton. Just another reason to sign this petiton.

If you want to spread this petiton around Youtube, make sure to do it on a seperate account because others have told me people have been suspended for shareing this petiton with others.

This link is all of Google’s locations given to me by a very generous person, it might help some people.


Google Glasses… they probably give you eye cancer…

contact me at deriklawl@gmail.com if you want to ask a question.


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