Best UFO Sightings of October 2013 [video] …. and poem

Share it far, here’s the best footage for the month. I bet ya’ they’ve been more active because it’s about time. Civilization is at a crux of destined collapse. It could take another 50-100 years to get to a compromising stasis or complete utter failure.

Even if we’re dead, we won’t completely destroy this planet we’ve been evolving on. If there are other sentient species in our universe, then they would have the technological capabilities to re-populate “our” planet with whatever plant and animal DNA they are accustomed to. Perhaps they use our seeds… if we haven’t made them all terminator Monstanto’s! AYAYAY! Yeah, seeds are kinda important. GMO’s kinda suck, like a lot. Thanks!SEEYALOVEYALATERBYE

Star Galactic Space Federation Station… a poem.

Possibility is endless, that’s the reason why explorers sailed to the “ends of the earth,”
didn’t know what they would find, but it was better then sitting around,
twiddling hoes for meaty lords,
starving on un-fried fries.

Possibility is endless, and that’s the reason why astronauts landed the moon, stuck a pole in it, and promised distant stars.

But within infinity, the outcome most likely is promises not kept, and the easiest pleads ignored.

and here  are they distant stars, in our backyard. Hello!
We see you!
Perhaps we can strike ourselves a deal ?

©ani wheat

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