PROPAGANDA FOR THE DAY: ABC News Hosts fuzzy NSA puppet, Keith Alexander

Hey Keith, great to have your thugs purchase our show. Let’s hear your open letter to the American people who still watch our crap. Don’t worry, we’ll post it straight to the front of youtube, so you’ll sure to have lots of hits.


So basically, the NSA is using ABC News to market PRISM and spying to American citizens, glued to their TVs wondering just who they are supposed to trust.

Think of it this way. Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Aaron Swartz, Julian Asaange, and any other whistle blowers are young citizens. The youth across every nation are becoming more and more aware of how government manipulates words, events, media, and politics. If you know an activist of any kind, chances are they’re on a list.

Who chose these rules and what were their intentions? If the ultimate goal was for the rich to control the market of physiological needs, and the poor to act slave to markets demand, then they have succeeded in their duties, and created fools of those who would rather pretend that there isn’t a problem.

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