VIDEO Sen Rand Paul Introduces Resolution Condemning NSA Spying on Pope

This just in, the Pope suspect for terrorist plots!!!! We knew that Pope was up to something! Foiled again PopeyeNSA, dope! … and reported on FOX news! OOOOOoooh!GOTCHA!biung

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Rand Paul in Iowa
October 31, 2013 by Matthew Boyle

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced a Senate resolution condemning President Barack Obama’s National Security Agency (NSA) for allegedly spying on the Pope on Thursday. Paul specifically called on President Obama himself to address the reports, even though the NSA has denied the claims.

“Expressing the sense of the United States Senate that President Obama should issue a statement regarding spying on His Holiness, Pope Francis,” Paul’s resolution reads.

Whereas public news reports this week indicate that the United States National Security Agency monitored millions of phone calls in Italy in late 2012 and early 2013. Whereas these reports indicate that the National Security Agency monitored telephone calls made to and from a residence in Rome where then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio stayed during the conclave selecting Bergoglio, now known as His Holiness Pope Francis, to succeed Pope Benedict XVI;

Whereas this story has been…

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