Russell Brand admits he is …. HUMAN!

What? He doesn’t think he’s a Prophet? That’s right, and that IS the point he is trying to make. Anyone who says “beware of the false messiah” are misunderstanding the message and/or trying to misdirect people from the point.

The point is the message. If you don’t like the message, then that’s another story and you might need to get your head examined. Our system is breaking and some say it’s already broken. The “revolution” Russell Brand is alluding to is changing the system to work for people and not against them. We are all slaves to this system, and it is literally crumbling at our feet. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world or that the system is going to collapse in a month or two and we’re all going to be left defending ourselves with pitchforks, that’s not logical.

What I AM saying is that people, right now, are already seeing a change. It’s happening right before our eyes and you are a part of it because you’re alive, witnessing the persecution of radicals, activists, and whistle blowers, who are all fighting for the same cause in their own way. I’m referring to people like Manning, Snowden, Assange, and yes, Russell Brand is in that category now, and of course, there are many more individuals out there doing what they can by sharing information and engaging people in conversation. These are the starting roots of change and evolution. From the depths of my being I know this is true, because the message is ageless and the only alternative. The government system was designed in such a way that it continues in a circle, and the only way out of the circle is to cut a hole into it’s crust so that a new path can be created.

Before we can continue this discussion on Revolution, we need to first define what the word means and what it evokes within people. Revolution can be a terrifying word for some , and it might now be an appropriate  for everyone.

How you would define “revolution.” Try to imagine what you think it would look like (or what you want it to look like). How  would it realistically affect your and your communities? Once we can answer these questions for ourselves, we can more easily start to understand each other and come to agreements on how we all wish to proceed.

Russell Brand is just trying to wake the sleeping and shake the awaken to action. This is simple math for a huuuuuuge problem, but at least it’s a start. I believe we still have an opportunity for a better future, there’s a number of people out there who feel the same, and if we don’t try and take these opportunities as they come knocking on our door, then there won’t ever be any change, because it starts with us being able to control our own minds, to be able to think logically and act in a way that shows we care about each other and our planet.

Just imagine what our future will look like if we can’t figure out a solution. If that’s not enough to excite your senses, scare, or anger you, then maybe you could use a friend to help you see the good in humanity and the importance of our environment. We can create and we can destroy. Whatever we decide will affect the lives, not only of future generations, but also our immediate and current one.

Love to all the readers,

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