Search Engine Google: Wants, Needs, & Demands.

Private e-mail service, Lavabit, owner,  admits that he shut down because the feds did not JUST want Edward Snowden’s emails, nooooo. They wanted every single  customer using Lavabit

How about…. Why don’t you just go fuck yourself Google. You and the companies you’ve merged (::ahem::YouTube::ahem). Sure, the search engine beats the market (b/c everyone uses it). Yes, I admit, your directions on Google Maps is the best, not to mention the fascinating street views on Google Earth.

Well, what can I say… You dominate the world-wide-web.
You have ruined the internet for the generation  who are coming  into their minds and powers. We are many and we are adults.

So, Google.
Fuck  your e-mail service, Gmail.
I’ll use it only because my professional life demands it.

Should probably rethink your business motto of “doing no evil.”
It’s not aligning with reality.

For those interested in alternatives to the Monster Giant Google (a.k.a NSACookie Monster),
I’d suggest This is the one I’ve been using most often. You can download an app. feature that replaces your Google sidebar (usually found on the right-hand corner of your browser. There are more search engines out there, I’d love to hear if others have found alternatives they like or use.

As well, if anyone out there has any favorite e-mail servers, please share on the comments below, and I might host them here free for charge, charge for free!

Anyway. So yea.
Thanks Goggles.
It’s been… great.

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