WTF : GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN | SNAP (foodstamps) end October … & more

Dear America,


I’m sure you’ve seen the news about today’s government shutdown and you must be concerned about the impact on hungry families, including those benefiting from Federal Nutrition programs. Thankfully, assistance programs like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps), will continue operating and eligible households will receive monthly benefits for the month of October.

However, the crisis for Americans struggling with hunger still looms. Just two weeks ago, the House passed a bill that cuts nearly $40 billion from SNAP, resulting in more than 1.5 billion meals lost in fiscal year 2014. This is on top of impending cuts that impact all SNAP participants starting in November 2013. The combined cuts would lead to more than 3 billion meals lost exceeding what the Feeding America network of food banks secures and distributes in an entire year.
Faced with such an uncertain future, more children, seniors, and families may need to rely on the Feeding America network of food banks for their next meal. Feeding America will continue to secure and deliver meals to children, seniors and families in need with the help of friends like you.

Bob Aiken
Chief Executive Officer
Feeding America



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