Teleportation Girl, Video Games, & China’s Time Travel Ban

Over 2 million people have watched this video and seen CCTV footage of a girl traveling at almost light speed. She also has the ability to move objects and travel through time? These videos were all from China. A supposed video game company has addressed these videos and claim that they are promotional material for a video game called Zhuxian 2. But people are not buying the explanation and think it’s a cover-up to try and explain the phenomenon.

One of the top Youtube commenters on this video, Juan Mendoza says:

“I actually went to the website, and it had the videos up. However, when I translated the video descriptions, the people who posted the videos as a promo seemed as puzzled as we were. It would seem that the makers of the games just posted the videos up on their website for publicity, or actually based their game off of the videos.”

Of course this video could have been made using basic Hollywood editing, but that’s not the point. Personally, I am of the mindset that this could be real, and the promotional video explanation is kind of fishy.  There are a couple reasons why it’s still conspiracy:

  • We cannot determine the teleporting girls identity in comparison to the “supposed” actor.
  • If this were promotional then I would ask where the deleted scenes were. Every film has to have at least a couple takes…unless everything was shot only once, which is doubtful.

China is an oppressive country and is known to ban citizens from information distributed VIA the internet. Not only do they ban certain websites, but also TV shows, particularly ones that question authority, government, and reality. Any Doctor Who fans? How about Star Trek? Quantam Leap? Fringe? Heroes?

Okay, so it seems that China put a ban on stories about teleportation back sometime in 2011, but the footage of the girl started cropping up in 2012… I know nothing about how this ban effects the countries video gaming industry, but I FEEL that it would be… frowned upon by the ones doing the oppressing…. so the Chinese government steps in and scurries for an explanation of a few videos that over 2 million people are questioning its origin. Of course, these are my own speculative questions that could only be answered by the girl herself. [If you’re out there, I’d love to meet you]

Science says that teleportation is theoretically possible.

Can anyone explain this floating girl? Are these people born with this ability? Where did they come from? Are they 100% human?

If this is real, I know that I would want to hide away from those who would want to experiment on me. I want to know who you are, where you came from, and how you obtained these powers. I want to believe.

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