NSA Spying – Hayden Smears Snowden [video]

Here are more revelations about the ongoing spying of citizens from around the world. The NSA are trying old schemes which are for Americans to believe that the government knows what is best and keeping citizens safe…. which is NOT true.

Terrorists don’t use the internet the way normal citizens do. I know that anyone who reads this blog would agree that the NSA have overstepped their boundaries (and more), but for anyone still on the fence, consider this:

The government is not only interested in terrorists, but also activists, journalists, and whistleblowers. Control of all information and media is what is in jeopardy, and that is why we cannot let up on this story.

If we ever let up, then it won’t be long till they start going after openly opinionated people and conspiracy theorists. It seems that in the eye of the NSA, everyone is suspect until proven innocent… the most unpatriotic notion in American history.

Scared yet?


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