Mainstream Media Talks About Banned Marijuana NASCAR Ad

The ad from the Marijuana Policy Project that aired during the Nascar Brickyard 400 race has generated a huge amount of media coverage around the country, including in Indianapolis where the race was held. Some of the media coverage was favorable, some of it wasn’t (both inside and outside of the marijuana movement), but at least it got people talking for better or worse. This piece does a great job highlighting the hypocrisy of the situation, in which an ad highlighting the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol was censored at an event fueled by alcohol sponsorships and use. source

Playlist keeps going and going. Almost 300 sources discussing this banned cannabis ad. Paid for and approved by NASCAR, and then pulled at the last minute.

One response to “Mainstream Media Talks About Banned Marijuana NASCAR Ad

  1. Interesting point that this ad was pulled yet alcohol was served and consumed at this race and I am sure are many of the major sponsors of the events and many of the drivers. Taking that into consideration I am assuming they economics of pulling the cannabis ad was less of a monetary loss than that of alcohol sponsors. It is worth considering that the marijuana legalization serves to create a huge monetary dent in the world of alcohol makers, suppliers, and sponsors.

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