Three-year-old girl joins Mensa with higher IQ than David Cameron

Super cute! I wonder how smart their parents are.
“Hello little girl, will you be our new president?”


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A three-year-old girl with a higher IQ than US president Barack Obama and British prime minister David Cameron has been accepted into the elite international intelligence group Mensa.

Selena Janik from East Tennessee scored in the top one per cent of an intelligence test – well above the entry requirement of two per cent.

Her parents decided to get her IQ tested after she proved to have a natural ability for maths and reading.

Selena’s mother Cristy Janik told local media: ‘She would point to a letter and she would tell me what the weather said and then she would go to the next one and tell me what that letter said and the next one. Then she could put them all together and read the whole word.’

Eric Janik said he knew his daughter was special when she stopped crying just nine seconds after being…

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