G A S L A N D | nightmare of natural gas

Have you seen the 2009 documentary Gasland? Apparently I missed the boat, and director Josh Fox has already released the sequel, Gasland 2

If you haven’t seen this film, I HIGHLY (seriously) suggest finding a copy. If you use netflìx, part one is on the instant queue. It is my strong belief that everyone should watch this film. If the drilling for natural gas continues, it will affect the entire planet… that’s a big statement, but it’s true and I’ll take my beliefs to the gravestone.

Fracking for natural gas is a horrifying and dirty energy source…. I did not know just how bad it was. There is so much more to the subject that the media just cannot report on, and Obama says natural gas is clean. What he means to say is that it burns clean for the consumer, and still wrecks havoc on our environment.


lies. always lies.
i voted for the green party in the 2012 election.
at first it was a scary decision, but when it came time, i did it, and i felt free.
now there is no turning back, I am Green for Life.
Ten page essay on the brief history of america’s third parties is on the blogger roster 😉

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