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Michael Hastings — journalist dead hours after contacting Wikileaks

Michael Hastings would have been another whistleblower to add to the list, but hours after contacting Wikileaks about his story, and after informing friends that the FBI might be after him, Michael Hastings died in a car accident. What is even more suspicious is that Hastings body was cremated before being returned to his family. This means that Hastings family were unable to conduct an autopsy that could have revealed possible foul play.

What was Michael Hasting reporting on? He said it was big.

Adding Hastings’s book to my reading wish list


Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I have to agree. Cremating the body of a so-called “accident victim” without consulting the family and simply sending the urn to them is a dead giveaway of foul play—pun intended. The Illuminati has done this before. They try to cover their tracks, but we always know when they murdered someone to keep their dirty little secrets.

Why in the world would anyone cremate the body of a dead person without the consent of that person’s family if that family was fully available to give or withhold their consent?

That is what the family of Michael Hastings now wants to know, and they’ve hired a private detective to find out why Michael was cremated without their consent.

Is this more proof of a CIA or US military hit upon a ‘potential problem’? Is this the NDAA at work? Something here stinks to high heaven and it’s not the family of…

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