Dream Defenders | Trayvon Martin | ALEC’s Fault


Democracy NOW interviews my new new hero, Phillip Agnew.
Amy Goodman is one of the best reporters to get the most detailed and accurate information out to the public.

Democracy NOW

“There is a Trayvon in Every Town”: Rev. Jesse Jackson and Florida Youth Activist Demand Justice



…our society prógrams people to be afraid of young people—young people of color specifically. And you’ve got to look at the continuing open season that Stand Your Ground allows. For anybody, because I feel some amount of fear about you—I look at you, and I feel you look like a gang member that I saw on television—I can arm myself and take action against you and take your life. We’re seeing an environment right now where young people are being snuffed out. And I don’t understand how in America we can be happy with an environment, with a generation of young people, who are supposed to be our future, where we’re profitizing them, we’re monetizing them, and we’re killing them. We spoke about Chicago, where Reverend is and where I’m from, and we see every week it’s just a headline about the young people that are being snuffed out there. This is a new day in America. Young people aren’t going to take this for much longer. And so, as Dream Defenders, we eschew, and believe in nonviolence and in peace, and we’re going to contínue that and contínùe to support that. And you’ve got millions of young people out here that have the civil rights movement as a blueprint. They have history as our compass. And we’re going to use that with the technology that we have today to move some of these people out. Nobody—no politicians should feel safe pandering to young people anymore, because it’s not going to happen that way.”

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