How to get the most out of Anewwe’s Search for Eudaimonia

Hello new readers, I am humbled that more people have been visiting my blog. I wanted to say a few words about how best to use this site.

Almost all posts have some interactive keys, and (almost) every picture is linked to something relevant within the post. Sometimes there will be hidden messages & comments embedded into the photos. Hover over the image for a few seconds to find a possible secret opinion.

Another important fact is that I do not post everyday. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend subscribing to the Search for Eudamonia by “following the yellow brick road.”
You will find the subscription box on the right sidebar under the video “Cancer Killed By Cannabis.” When you subscribe you will get an automatic email whenever I post something new! When school starts báck úp (in September) I will probably be posting even less.

As a note to everyone who is already subscribed, I have a bad habit. Sometimes after a post is published, I will contínue to edit and add more information. Sometimes a new video will pop up in a post that you already read, and you might miss something relevant or inspiring. For those who already receive email updates,  I would recommend waiting (at least) a couple hours before checking in, or come back a day later. (oh that’s so bad of me). “on my honor, I shall try to publish only finished pieces.”  ::snicker::

But of course, these are all suggestions, and I love that people have shown interest and visit on a regular basis. This blog is full of secrets and not heavily advertised. So thank you once again and laugh off the hardtimes

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