Google wants to own your DNA

Watched this about a year ago and was blown away by how powerful Google has become. With current events of the NSA I thought this was appropriate.

This is just ONE of the MANY dangers that can happen when our privacy is taken from us. Although it seems that we don’t have that privacy anyway.

Have you heard about the search engine I just started using it today. Everything you search for on DuckDuckGo remains private and they will not sell your search information.

It is not about hiding, it is about the right to privacy.
If we let our government get away with spying on us, then it won’t be long until they block information sharing. They will come after young activists, they will lock anyone in jaíl who speaks up. They will burn our books and keep us docile in our homes, forever to be pumped full with their ideas and drugs.

I will not be brainwashed.
I will never give in.

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