nazi fluoride, teen angst, reincarnation, and my mother [journal entry]

Knowing how to harness the mysteries of our universe is humanities only hope to end the social caste pyramid scheme that has been controlling the masses since the beginning of monetary and religious pówer. — Anewwe 2013

Conspiracy theorists refer to this caste system as the “illuminati.” Supposedly the illuminati are a cult who works in tandem with an evil extraterrestrial race that are reptilian humanoids…

Okay. wait. First, I would like to say that I do not seriously believe a reptilian race ceased the American government two hundred years ago, but I won’t make fun of you if that’s your thing — although some people go a little overboard, in such cases I might give a chuckle. I am sure most people who read my blog are familiar with conspiracies or have a vague idea of the illuminati reference. This is all you need to know: pyramid, eye.
Second, I must admit that I use to fixate on conspiracies [John Titor, Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project, Nazi’s & Fluoride]. I was born in the middle of the 80’s, two years before the Harmonic Convergence. The pówer of global consciousness was just beginning to bud, and the internet was not a part of common life. One had to read books to find spiritual answers, and not many [practical] new age books were being written. It was esoteric territory.

I’m originally from the liberal progressíve city of Portland, OR. It was a different place when I was growing up, less people, less cars, less homelessness. The neighborhood I grew up in turned from a quiet street into a hipster sprawl. Houses became tattoo parlors and coffee shops into night clubs. I could write a book about how much its changed. One thing that hasn’t changed is the culture, weirdos, and spiritualists that are drawn from around the country.

My mother, a semi-spiritual Christian, planted stubborn seeds that grew into suspicion of doctors, medicines [legal drugs], politics, and law. My mother. That’s another book waiting to happen. In her eyes, liars are the scum of the earth, and our government is the filthiest of them all.

My mother dabbled in a few new age trends that I thought were strange, hilarious, and fascinating. One year, she became obsessed with muscle testing, and would use it in the same way someone superstitious throws dice to help decide their life. My sister and I had accepted reincarnation at an early age. We would play-along with our mothers muscle testing, asking her questions like “Was I once a tree? Could I have been a dinosaur? Was I from Egypt?” Her muscle tests would tell us yes or no, and we would squeal with excitement. It was like a human ouija board.

One time when I was eight, we went to visit our three cousins out in the country. They had just moved into an old farmhouse that they claimed was haunted. It seemed to creak even when no one was moving. I remember that was the night when my cousin taught me about guided meditation. She claimed that she learned how to find a pyramid that stored all of ones reincarnations history. She was nine years old and I just a year younger. Do parents know that children can be spiritual like this? It was all make-believe, just fun games that entertained us, and gave us vivid dreams. I use to fly every night and was plagued with deja vú almost daily.

My experiences are not uncommon. If I had a different mother and if I were born a decade later, then I would have been diagnosed with aspergers or ADD, but back in the mid-80’s and 90’s that diagnoses was less common, and kids were either normal, weird, or unruly.

I was an ignorant and angst-ridden teeny-bopper. I listened to alternative music [Nirvana, NIN, Green Jelly… Hanson] wore ripped jeans and sandals, hated humanity, and thought war was a means of population control. I was stupid and angry, trying to survive in a prison run by children (that’s middle school). When the Columbine Shooting happened in 1999, my peers joked that I would be the next school shooter, only because I had become the brooding quiet girl. Children can be so cruel when they are unsupervised.

As I grew into my teenage years, I started reading metaphysics, philosophy, spiritually guided magazines (in Portland, everyone wants to be a shaman). My spiritual awakening started with the book The Celestine Prophecy and the movie Waking Life. My daily routine branched into meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming, and rebellion [against authority and main stream society]. I did not go to college after graduating high school for all the right reasons. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, and I refused to pay anyone for my mission of self-discovery.

Of course a hoard of books were to follow me throughout my journey. I can hardly wait to share my secret stash of titles. Look forward to the library list sometime this year…

I haven’t been using wordpress for very long, but I already feel limited by what can be done for free. The ads are annoying and sometimes it takes me an entire day to format a post because of video embedding or font preferences. Perhaps purchasing a website wouldn’t be a bad idea, but can’t bring myself to doing it yet. So, the Eudamonia template will change in the near distant future…

Thank you to everyone who has been reading Anewwe’s blog, it seems that everyday my counter doubles in size, so I guess that’s good. Because posts have recently been heavy with Edward Snowden updates, I have to speculate if the NSA bother with the content of bloggers.

Paranoia comes peeping its head out, but I have nothing to hide and have the right to free speech… my activism lays in these pages… — and I know it’s not much, but I can only go so far with what tools I possess…


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  1. Good blog post. I absolutely appreciate this website. Thanks!

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