Snowden’s ‘UFO’ Secret Message Hoax?

Rumor going around the alien disclosure and conspiracy communities is that Edward Snowden is blowing the whistle on UFOs. The original UK Guardian interview with Snowden was doctored by Jon Kelly, who played a small snip-it of Snowden’s interview BACKWARDS. Jon Kelly, thought he heard the words “those UFOS” when listening to the interview recording backwards,  Kelly’s secret message is at the end of the audio clip, and it’s kind of creepy.

The creepiest part is knowing that the man had to sit there and listen to the entire interview sdrawkcab… Yea, I’d be hearing voices too!  In the end Kelly is making a fool of himself and causing confusion, dealing misinformation, and perpetuating the age old joke about whistleblowers and alien disclosure.

Playing audio backwards is not serious evidence, it is not scientific and cannot be proven. You can’t hold people accountable for what their words sound like in reverse. If this were true then Pink Floyd would be the devils music and Paul McCartney would be dead..

Speculative quote from Jon Kelly’s article from

 “Edward Snowden’s Secret NSA Surveillance UFO Message” on YouTube’s SecretMessageTV: “The secret that Edward Snowden dared not tell in his confessional video interview to the UK Guardian relates how the formerly top secret ΡRISM surveillance prógram is being used to mine online UFO and ET contact-related data in an attempt to build a false flag ET invasion case as a pretext to space wars and their understandably disastrous consequences.“ 

9 minutes of wasting time with Mr. Kelly.. Here’s a hilarious radio interview with Kelly about another tape with former President George W. Bush (jr). Apparently this is PROOF that Jon Kelly’s theory is rrrreeeal. Jon Kelly, please stëp away from your computer.


Second Snowden UFO claim:

Have you heard of the news source called the Internet Well, I hadn’t until they wrote an article about Snowden’s supposed leak of UFO documents from the NSA. Check out the article here.

The article claims that beings use to live in the crust of the Earth billions of years ago. It is true that there are certain forms of ‘life’ that can live in temperatures that would melt our bones, (molten magma), these creatures are known in the scientific community as Extremophiles. I don’t know if the Chronicle is satire or if they are serious, but I am leaning towards satire, until proven otherwise.
Well, on their ABOUT page, they showed how “professional” they are. It seems that even if this article is true it has to be taken with a grain of salt, similar to how Jon Stewart can’t actually claim he is a legitimate news source, legally he can’t.

As a side note about Chronicle: they have been referencing Edward Snowden’s Twitter account… but wouldn’t Snowden want to stay away from social media platforms… really? I don’t know. Twitter username, EJoespehSnowden jokes about how much coke he is going to snort when he gets to Venezuela. Of course, Snowden can say whatever he wants about coke, bitches, and hoe, but the questíon is would the real Edward Snowden use Twitter for communicatiøn? What do you think?

Credibilty to Snowden and UFOs:

One article written at Before It’s News speculates that because of Snowden’s actions it will bring credibility to UFO whistleblowers who have continuously been made fun of by mainstream media. Click here to read the article.

At the very least, Alien Disclosure is resting on the United States shoulders. Former government officials have already come out saying that America has been working with extraterrestrials in secrecy for years.

  • Paul Hellyer Minister of Defense of Canada revels ETs have been on Earth.
  • Charles Hall, former government employee and nuclear physicist, claims he worked directly with these ETs.____________________________________________________________________________
  • One thing is for certain, ΣΤs do exist and a lot of people know or believe.So I have to admit there is some credibility to the story that Snowden might know something about alien cover-up and denials, but the important fact to remember is that the governments number one priority is móney and pówer. One of the ways to hold pòwer is to keep certain information secret… and that is why whistleblowers are so important and why they should be protected.The combination of móney and pówer corrupt the soul, and we all know this to be truth, history and experience shows us this fact. Our government (U.S.) has always been controlled by the wealthiest. If wealth did not matter, then third parties ::coügh:: Green Party ::cough:: would have a chance at winning a presidential election… but that’s another story.The energy companies cannot make money if energy is free, but we do have the technology to create free energy. And if there are beings out in the infinite universe that can travel to our solar system, wouldn’t they be harnessing this type of energy? This theory is largely discussed in the disclosure community as to why the American government continues to deny ETs, yet another topic that requires a separate post.

One response to “Snowden’s ‘UFO’ Secret Message Hoax?

  1. That comment about snorting coke, is way off base. Clearly, Edward Snowden, for one has way too much class to make such a comment, and he is far to deep to bother with trash, when he has given his life for all…..while exposing truth. It is totally out of character for a HERO!

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