journal entry #3 (cyber-dementia)

Whenever I sit down to the interwebs, my mind starts to wonder, and I forget what I was going to search on Gaagle. A couple months ago I quit FB(i), only because scrolling down the wall became a lonely boring addiction. I’ve managed to never Twatter and never plan to start. I don’t know why people use the pound symbol. Why is it a hashtag? What does it mean? If # or lol makes their way into the English Dictionary somebody shoot me. Too long this has gone on. Laughing Hahaheeheehoho  Ahhahaha.

Most of what I subject myself to these days is Reddit. Filtering through what everyone else thinks is funny or relevant. It is actually a quiet wonderful place. You can find almost anything that floats a boat. Never heard of the term “subreddit?” You are missing out if the answer was no. Reddit is its own community. Not only that, but they frequently have famous people particîpate in what is called “Ask-Me-Anything.” One can actually ask them questions in real-time. Ever wanted to chat with Bill Nye the Science Guy? He likes to frequent Reddit. And I think Steven Hawking has done an AMA as well. Messed up!

The internet is the window to the rest of the world, but distracting if you do not have an itinerary. Swoop. Here comes the spam folder.internet revolution

The revolution will not be televised  on the American news.

It will not be seen on Fox, or CNN, Cbs, abc —
This revolution is alive.


The future is here, and it is being written. It is being sung and heard, but also feared and suppressed.

Don’t have much more to say at the moment, except that I am grateful others are interested in what this blog is doing. It was always an experiment that was to stay fluid. It is meant as a reflection of my core, without personal details, (or too much baggage)… sometimes I might breakfree, but only in journal entries:) I feel a full-fledged homesite growing inside, but I am suppressing this until Eudaimonia is maxed out or lacking. –if that’s possible.


What does music do to you? 
It gives me the feeling of love, romance. 
I figure right now, the world needs to come into music singing. 
You’ve got beautiful music here.
I feel band of love, of dreams 

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