CURE FOR CANCER: Dichloracetate

Unbelievable right?! … Actually no, it’s not and this isn’t the first time someone has found alternative cures for cancer. From my personal knowledge there are three cures: Gerson Therapy, Baking Soda, and Cannabis,  (I’m positive there are more then that) but now there are four methods tucked away in my arsenal. With the amount of toxins and pollution our bodies are exposed to everyday there is a chance that either you or someone you know will get cancer, but that does not mean cancer is a death sentence.

The first thing to understand is that the pharmaceutical industry’s number one priority is money, if it weren’t for money, then the cures listed above would be mainstream practice and taken as preventative supplements. But baking soda? Good luck reaping billions of dollars from selling patients baking soda, fruits, and coffee enemas. Although legalizing cannabis for medicine, recreation, and supplement would boost our economy (and probably keep kids from using “legal” synthetic drugs like bath salts) it would redistribute money to marijuana dispensaries and not the pharmaceutical companies, which is one reason why it remains federally illegal.  If everyone grew and juiced cannabis leaves, then less people would be sick. Read more about juicing cannabis —

Okay, so, Dr Evengelos Michelakis, from the University of Alberta, has discovered that the drug dichloroacetate (DCA) has successfully attacked cancer cells without damaging other cells in the body. This research is not being welcomed by the medical industry because DCA [apparently] is not patent-able or profitable and therefore not something a mainstream health practitioner is going to tell you about — Despicable! HOWEVER because it cannot be patented, it also does not need a prescription and can be produced by anybody without risk of breaking any patent laws.

Everyone should familiarize themselves with alternative therapies and medicines, regardless of whether or not you have cancer. Sometimes a product is so believable that it’s a hoax, and other treatments are so simple that they are downplayed, underfunded and/or scrutinized. Always do your own research to decide what might work for you, these treatments may not cure all types of cancers, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Read more about DCA —

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the world is at our fingertips,
and science shines brighter than the FDA.

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