it’s a little lonely here without you

what to say?
a whole other life started
while you were away —
while I was away.

you’ve been with me this whole time,
waiting for me to see
holding my dreams in your eyes,
sparkling diamonds —
and my heart is made of you.

what can i say but hello,
my name is yours,
and you’ve dearly been missed,
which is to say I’ve been lonely without your voice,
even though I’ve never heard you speak.

But you softly graze my dreams
passing birds messages with strings–
hoping I had not forgotten how to fly.

if you’re not my family,
then I don’t know who is.

we can:
have anything.
do anything.
go anywhere.
and the only excuses are
or mental.

since you’ve been gone
i’ve been sleeping with the TV on,
and it fills me up with sadness,
and makes me forget that you exist.

in the background I’m screaming
my tongue is scorched and branded,

and here you are
patiently waiting.
dreaming the dream,
holding the light of the world in your mind
long enough for me to come walking backwards.

I have been gone for so long.

What can I show but salted mustard seeds?
I call it loneliness, even though I haven’t been alone.

~by Anewwe

for the indigo

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