Brief History of the Viral Internet

I just spent two hours flipping through the entire list of 99 Things You Should Have Experienced on the Internet so far… and apparently if you haven’t experienced these you are either a “loser” or just “old”. Well…. I don’t think I’m a loser, and I’m old enough to have experienced the beginning of the internet in popular culture. Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, Floppy Disks, MS-DOS!!  sigh

Whoever Greg Rutter is, he has complied an epic list of experiences that every internet user should have seen by now. The only thing required is a sense of humor and time.

There are two definitive lists of things to experience on the internet.   bookmark the page for when you have some downtime or crave entertainment.
Follow these links for :

you should have seen
you should have also seen

I refuse to spoil
a single thing,
but I will give
you a few
favorite links:

#23:  hastily made cleveland tourism video
#32:  end of ze world
#46:  kittens inspired by kittens
#71:  perfect-o-date
#75:  her morning elegance

Enjoy  your  weekend!

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