Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment

Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Man’s Poor Man’s
Cancer Treatment (2nd edition)
by Mark Sircus


For me, baking soda is a godsend and I use it for most all my cleaning and health care purposes. There are probably over a thousand things sodium bicarbonate can do, and the world has seemingly forgotten:


>>>> baking soda can do all these things cheaper and healthier
….and now a Doctor Mark Sircus is trying to prove this white salty powder can treat cancer patients.

Journalist Alanna Ketler, from Collective-Evolution, commented on the knowledge gleaned from reading Dr. Sircus’s book Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment:

“Everything I know about bicarbonate you should know and when you do, you will know more than anyone else who has not taken the time or has had the interest to fully research the subject or read this book. It’s an experience to know much more about such a basic vital substance than your doctors. Take the journey and sail through bicarbonate seas. Read and learn and then begin to think of what is the medical truth about sodium bicarbonate as a treatment for cancer.”

Dr. Mark Sircus is another author to be added to the list of books to own.
Here’s a link to the first page!


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