The Most Amazing Community Garden is in Australia

The Flemington Community Garden is not just a community garden, but it is a celebration of different cultures coming together to share in one of the most fundamental practices that all humans should experience in their lives, gardening. Yes, I am being biased, but I am a gardener and working on a Sustainable Agriculture degree in the state Vermont.

Currently I am taking a class entitled “Food Justice.” We are only 4 weeks into the spring semester, but have touched on the subject of injustices of migrant workers, food access in poor neighborhoods, and the difficulties of hunger in the U.S. The other half of the class includes some sort of service learning project. Students get to create their own action project, implement them, and document the process. Some groups are working within the local farmers market, trying to entice residents on foodstamps to shop at the market. Another group is going dumpster diving for food to showcase what they found. And another team will try and get local businesses on board composting their waste and donating it to the campus farm. My project, which I decided to spearhead, was to revitalize or remake the community garden in our small town (pop. 2000). It is not that impressive and most people in town are indifferent or have their own gardens to attend. The goal is to re-excite the town and gift produce to those in need.

This project was decided just yesterday and is in the dreaming stage. I have three locations to choose from. There are two community gardens in existence, one is at a high school and the other is at the elementary school. The last choice is to work with a couple who just purchased land in hopes of building a third garden. Aiyaya! So many choices! I will have to survey each plot and interview the folks involved to see which one I’m drawn to the most. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night! (Well I did fall asleep, but was dreaming of gardens the whole night!!) If all goes smoothly, I will be using this blog to document the process.

Wish me luck!
I would also like to thank those who have been reading this blog. It gives me a fuzzy feeling to find people who I don’t know interested. I have not really been advertising posts, so it is great you have all found this site on your own volition. Just as a heads up, I am currently on the search for a new title, so don’t be surprised when you see a blog in your email box that you are unfamiliar with.


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