Pocket Booster: Unclaimed Property in all 50 States

Pocket Booster: Unclaimed Property in all 50 States

Please share this with others. This is not a joke or a hoax. My skeptically genius boyfriend checked it and this is a legitimate offer by the United State government.

Citizens have had the right to collect claims that are owed to them, but in the past you would have to ONE: know you had a claim and TWO: go down to a court house and fill out paper work blahblahblah. But!! It is all just a click away on the internet. You could have money sitting for you or a family member, and now you have the opportunity to take it. I found a claim waiting for my dad back from 1984!! Please read on:


I just discovered my boyfriend and I had money waiting around for us in the state of WA. Found out by google searching: unclaimed property (your state).

there could be money sitting somewhere for you, your family, or your friends. Make sure to look in every state you have ever lived.
some websites will ask you to log in or create a profile (such as Oregon), but other states I’ve checked (VT,WA, TX) do not require you to enter information (until AFTER you start making a claim)

(claims will have your name and an address where you use to legally live. You MUST have proof that you lived at the address shown on your screen)

It does not hurt to try. Please share this message with family, friends, and everyone else.

there is even money unclaimed by those who have passed away.
i am not sure how family members can claim this, but (state depending) there is most likely a hotline on the website that you can call to find out if this is possible.

Here is the one for Oregon. (but there is one for every state! just google search to find out what i mean)

One response to “Pocket Booster: Unclaimed Property in all 50 States

  1. About Unclaimed Property
    Unclaimed property refers to property being held by an organization that has not had contact with the owner for an extended period of time. Property is usually considered unclaimed after three years, when it is turned over to the state of Washington. Banks, retailers, credit unions, utilities, corporations, insurance companies, and governmental entities are some of the many sources of unclaimed property.

    The Department of Revenue is the custodian for unclaimed property, and it administers an unclaimed property program to seek the rightful owners.

    Typical unclaimed property includes:

    Bank accounts
    Insurance proceeds
    Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
    Safe deposit box contents
    Utility and phone company deposits
    Uncashed checks, such as payroll, insurance payments, or travelers checks

    Unclaimed property does not include real estate, vehicles, and most other physical property.

    Unclaimed Property Law
    (Chapter 63.29)

    State law protects unclaimed property until it can be returned. There is no time limit for filing a claim and rightful owners or their heirs can claim property reported since 1955. The state may auction the content of safe deposit boxes, however, if not claimed within five years.

    The State’s Role
    The Department of Revenue administers an unclaimed property program as a free public service. More than $1 billion in unclaimed property has been turned over to the Department of Revenue since 1955. In fiscal year 2011, the Department’s Unclaimed Property Section received property worth more than $100 million. The amount continues to grow each year. All funds are received and administered through the Department’s Unclaimed Property Program.

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