Music: Bet You Never Heard This

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Gallop – Americana Lullabies

Gallop hails from the good old town of Portland, OR. They are up and coming, with only 341 “likes” on their Facebook page and only 800 views on their song “Shapeshifters” which was featured on Democracy Now on January 17th, 2013, during an exclusive interview with Aaron Swartz’s partner Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman. Keep a look out for Gallop, they have such a unique and eerie sound, I just can’t stop listening.

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Lindsey Sterling – Hip-hop violinist:

Lindsey Sterling just came onto my radar a couple days ago and I already LOVE her! This lady doesn’t need a hand, she can make fans just by sincere charm and pure talent. Check out Sterling’s Wikipedia page to learn more about her story.
Just a smidge: she was a contestant on America’s Got Talent and made it far enough to gain solid fans.

Check out more of her videos on Youtube.
***Warning: Skyrim fans may fall heavy.

One response to “Music: Bet You Never Heard This

  1. Thanks so much for sharing and for your kind words – we really appreciate it! Here’s a link to another version of Shapeshifters recorded live in a vintage piano shop with strings. Hope you enjoy.

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